Sales Tax Penalties and Audit Risks for eCommerce Sellers

The Definitive Guide to Help Amazon Sellers Understand Back Taxes, Penalties, Interest and Audit Risks that May Affect their eCommerce Businesses

Download the guide to learn about back taxes, penalties, interest and audit risks.

How are eCommerce Sellers affected by Sales Tax Penalties and Audits?


With the rise of eCommerce around the country, state governments are looking to increase regulation of the sector and recoup lost tax revenue by by establishing new tax rules and using new technology of their own, like real-time reporting.

This ever-changing regulatory landscape is creating an increasingly complex environment for eCommerce businesses. Online sellers who don’t collect and remit sales tax where they have obligations run the risk of being audited, being slapped with hefty fines, or incurring interest on unpaid taxes.

Get the Guide to Sales Tax Penalties and Audit Risks for eCommerce Sellers and educate yourself about back taxes, penalties, interest and audit risks.

Audit Risk Map

Your business may be at risk of audit in any jurisdiction, but some states are definitely more audit-happy than others. This map demonstrates the likelihood of being audited in each state. Download the report to learn more.

Why is Taxify the Ultimate Sales Tax Platform for eCommerce?

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