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Sales Tax Guide for Amazon Sellers

Step-by-step Instructions to Get Your
Amazon Store Compliant with Sales Tax Laws

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Getting sales tax compliant is the cornerstone of protecting your business as it grows. But understanding what steps you need to take to comply with sales tax laws is still a major challenge for businesses who sell online, especially for Amazon sellers.

In this eBook, we’ll walk you through what steps you should take to quickly get your Amazon business compliant with sales tax laws. Everything you need to know, and each step you should take, is outlined within this guide. Most Amazon sellers can complete all of the steps in this guide in a few short hours!


How to Collect Sales Tax

  • Where Your Amazon Store Owes Sales Tax
  • How to Get Sales Tax Permits
  • Setting up Amazon to Collect Sales Tax
  • Top Amazon Tax Settings Mistakes to Avoid

What to Do If You’re Behind on Paying Tax

  • What to Do If You Haven’t Been Paying Sales Tax
  • Where You’re the Most Likely to Be Audited
  • How to Complete the Voluntary Disclosure Process
  • How Much Voluntary Disclosure Will Cost You

Guidance on Paying Sales Tax

  • Your Options for Filing Sales Tax Returns
  • Automating Sales Tax with Taxify