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How to File Sales Tax in Mississippi


File sales tax in Mississippi
How to Register: In Mississippi, you can register your business online. Forms are not available online for paper registration. Contact The Department if you require a paper application.

Registration Cost: No fee, however, depending upon the nature of the business, or past history of the applicant, a bond may be required to be posted before a permit is issued. Typically, taxpayers applying for a sales tax permit and who operate a business without a permanent place of business within the state are required to post a cash sales tax bond or an approved surety bond.

Filing Requirements: You are required to file online if you report more than 4 rates of tax, or you have more than one sales tax account or business location subject to Sales Tax.

If you do not file your return online, a pre-addressed sales tax return is mailed to you 30 days before the due date.

Due Date: Returns are due on or before the 20th day following the end of the reporting period.

Where to File: Taxpayer Access Point

What Will You Need: Within a few minutes of completing your TAP taxpayer profile, you will receive an e-mail including an authorization code. Once you receive your authorization code, return to TAP and complete registration of your various tax accounts.

Once you are logged on, a list of all available filing periods is found on the account summary page. Only periods available for filing will display. Periods that are not yet filed have a “File Now” button. Select the filing period that you want, click “File Now,” and a window displaying a return form will open. Enter and complete the return information. Review the return for any errors or boxes shaded in red.

If the return is correct, enter your password to “sign” the return. Your password is your signature. There are no paper signature documents required. When you enter your password, you are declaring that the information provided is correct to the best of your knowledge.

Once you submit your return, you’ll receive a confirmation number. And, you can schedule your payment by selecting “Schedule a Payment Now.”

Renewal: Not Required.

Additional Information: Mississippi Sales Tax Rules and Regulations

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