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How to File Sales Tax in Wisconsin


How to Register: Application for a seller’s permit may be made using one of the following methods:


Registration Cost: A business tax registration fee of $20 may be required. The $20 BTR fee applies only to the first permit or certificate a person applies for. Subsequent registrations for other permits or certificates issued by the Department of Revenue do not require additional BTR fees.


Before or after the Department of Revenue issues you a seller’s permit, it may require you to make a security deposit of up to $15,000. If you do not make a security deposit as requested, the department may refuse to issue you a seller’s permit or may revoke your permit. In determining whether or not security will be required and the amount of security, the department may consider the applicant’s payment of all taxes administered by the department and any other relevant facts. Security is most commonly required when there has been a history of delinquent taxes associated with the applicant. If security is required, the department will send a notice of the requirement and additional information about the calculation of the amount. Included will be information about the types of security that can be deposited. Any security deposit will be returned to you if for 24 consecutive months you complied with the sales and use tax law.


Filing Requirements: The Wisconsin DOR requires all sales and use tax returns be filed electronically. Currently you have three options available for electronic filing of your Wisconsin sales and use tax return:

  • My Tax Account is the Department of Revenue’s (DOR) free online business tax service that allows businesses to access their accounts to view current account status, file and amend returns, file claims for refund, make payments, and manage and update account information.
  • File Transmission is a secure process that provides a direct electronic interface between your system and DOR. Retailers can simply upload their sales and use tax returns to an electronic file to transmit to DOR over the Internet. See File Transmission for more information.
  • Sales TeleFile allows businesses to file Wisconsin sales and use tax returns via phone. See Sales TeleFile for more information.


Due Date: Returns must be filed by the last day of the month following the end of the reporting period, with one exception. Early monthly sales tax filers are required to file by the 20th of the month following the end of the reporting period. A return must be filed for each period, even if no tax is due for that period.


Where to File: My Tax Account


What Will You Need: Although electronic filing is mandated, Form ST-12 provides an outline of what information is needed in order to file.


Renewal: The initial $20 BTR fee covers a period of two years. At the end of that period, a $10 BTR renewal fee applies. The renewal fee applies to all persons holding permits or certificates subject to BTR provisions, except certain retailers who voluntarily registered through the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board’s web site. The BTR renewal fee is $10 regardless of the number of locations for which you hold seller’s permits.


Additional Information: Wisconsin Sales Tax Rules and Regulations

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