Testimonials - Taxify

Happy customers.

“Great service… makes filing a snap. Great people… very knowledgeable and very helpful.”


Sea Archer

“Taxify is the perfect solution for our online business. It properly manages sales tax issues along with compliance.”


“Taxify is a partner to eCommerce businesses and accountants to manage the mechanics of the complex world of sales tax compliance in the 21st Century. They take on this dirty job so you can focus on growing your business. We couldn’t scale our business or deliver as much value to our eCommerce customers without Taxify as a partner.”

Scott Scharf

Catching Clouds

“I love Taxify, they have put to rest any ambiguities that I may have had. It was a bit of a process handling all the monthly, quarterly, six month or yearly State tax remittance. They took that burden off of me and put it on them. So far I feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders. It is a field that you do not want to mess around in and they know their business.”


Record Peak

“So great to work with especially when I have a question/problem.”


Ransomed Heart

“From the top down, Taxify gets it… This type of support is a rarity today, something that is hard to find with new tech companies… But what was most impressive was they delivered a solution that was accurate and approved by our CPA.”

Paul's Bakery

“Taxify was a big help. I was months behind and have two businesses, so things were a bit messy. They helped us get current and now handle it monthly. Melissa was great!”

Forrest & Harold

“You can file my difficult reports such as Texas. This will save me HOURS of work.”


Lifestyle Dynamics

“Overall, great app.”


Dancewear Corner

“Your customer service is unbelievable!”

Upblend Outdoors

“Super easy. Great customer support.”



“Easy to use and great new features.”


Saborio Art