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Taxify Now Integrates with Shopify

While Shopify, and other platforms such as Amazon and Etsy, will help you collect sales taxes on your orders, they do not report them on your behalf. This puts your business at risk. To limit that risk, integrate your Shopify store with Taxify to automate your sales tax calculation and reporting—it only takes a few minutes. Now you can avoid late fees and audits with automated filing, protect your business as laws change, and reduce hours of paperwork and possibility of mistakes. All with our out-of-this-world support: we’re here to help!

Automated Filing

Put your Shopify sales tax reporting on cruise control with Taxify’s AutoFile capability.

Multi-channel Solution

Consolidate tax from all of your channels, with no duplicates.

Out of This World Support!

We’re here for you. To save you money and time. Our solution is accurate, easy to navigate and manage – all at a reasonable price.

Complete Benefits & Support


  • Perfectly synced Shopify products and orders
  • Rooftop-level sales tax gap analysis
  • Accurate sales tax returns
  • Support sales tax filings in every state, and thousands of jurisdictions
  • Trusted AutoFile service has successfully reported billions of sales
  • No-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase

Real Customer Reviews


“From the top down, Taxify gets it… This type of support is a rarity today, something that is hard to find with new tech companies… But what was most impressive was they delivered a solution that was accurate and approved by our CPA.” – Paul’s Bakery
“Taxify was a big help. I was months behind and have two businesses, so things were a bit messy. They helped us get current and now handle it monthly. Melissa was great!”  – Forrest & Harold
“The customer service is great. You can talk to a real person unlike other apps. That by itself is worth giving it a try… the customer service team was able to advise above and beyond what we would have anticipated. Try it out!” – ComfyTree

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