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Wyoming State Sales Tax

Quick Guide

Contact Information

Website: www.revenue.wyo.gov
Phone: (307) 777-5200

Sales Tax Rate

Base Rate: 4.000%
With Local Rate: 4.000%-10.000%

Wyoming Sales Tax Facts

Is Wyoming a destination or origin based state? Destination
Is Wyoming a SST Certified State? Yes
Are zero file returns required in Wyoming? Yes
Is shipping taxable in Wyoming? No, as long as you use a common carrier and the S/H charges are billed separately.

Wyoming Nexus Information

Triggers for Nexus

Delivery vehicles
Independent contractors or representatives

Does Amazon Have Warehousing in Wyoming?


Wyoming Filing Dates


January collections – February 28
February collections – March 31
March collections – April 30
April collectios – May 31
May collections – June 30
June collections – July 31
July collections – August 31
August collections – September 30
September collections – October 31
October collections – November 30
November collections – December 31
December collections – January 31


Q1 – April 30
Q2 – July 31
Q3 – October 31
Q4 – January 31


January 31

Other Wyoming Sales Tax Information

Filing Requirements: Sales taxes are reported on Forms 41-1 or 42-1. These forms are pre-printed with the vendors “Doing Business As” (d/b/a) name, address, license number, filing period, and due date. A barcode on the form identifies the particular filing period as well as other identifying information of the vendor. The returns are mailed or posted on the online 30 days prior to the due date of the return. If you are going to file via paper, these pre-printed forms must be used.

If you would like to use the online system, once you are registered user, (completing your user name and password and receiving a PIN number from the Department) you may apply online and complete your returns online.

What Will You Need: Submitting a return is a multipage process. Page 1 will reconfirm your business information and allows for a bypass if the business had no sales for the period.

There will be jurisdiction(s) listed that the system expects you to be reporting in based on your last return. If you need to file taxes in a jurisdiction not already listed in the Table, select the jurisdiction from the drop down list and “Add”. If you do not know the county, you can search by Zip Code.

Once you have submitted your return, you will be directed to a CONFIRMATION Screen. Once here you will be prompted to (a) print a copy of the return for your records, (b) print a voucher to submit with a paper check, or (c) submit the payment electronically – either E-Check or Credit Card

Please note: You may choose to file electronically and still pay by check. Renewal:

Register For a Sales Tax License: You may apply online or by downloading and mailing in the appropriate form.

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