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Vermont State Sales Tax

Quick Guide

Contact Information

Phone: (802) 828-2551

Sales Tax Rate

Base Rate: 6.000%
With Local Rate: 6.000%-7.000%

Vermont Sales Tax Facts

Is Vermont a destination or origin based state? Destination
Is Vermont a SST Certified State? Yes
Are zero file returns required in Vermont? No
Is shipping taxable in Vermont? Yes

Vermont Nexus Information

Triggers for Nexus

Delivery vehicles
Independent contractors or representatives

Does Amazon Have Warehousing in Vermont?


Vermont Filing Dates


January collections – February 23
February collections – March 25
March collections – April 25
April collections – May 25
May collections – June 25
June collections – July 25
July collections – August 25
August collections – September 25
September collections – October 25
October collections – November 25
November collections – December 25
December collections – January 25


Q1 – April 25
Q2 – July 25
Q3 – October 25
Q4 – January 25


January 25

Other Vermont Sales Tax Information

Filing Requirements: Form SU-451, Sales and Use Tax Return, can be filed online or manually via paper, however the paper form is not available on the State’s website. If you prefer to file via paper you must request them by calling 802-828-2551, option #3.

What Will You Need: You will need your PIN number in order to register to file online. Your PIN number can be found in the registration letter you received from the Department of Taxes.

Register For a Sales Tax License: In order to register your business with Vermont you must download and mail in Form Application for Business Tax Account.

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