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Idaho State Sales Tax

Quick Guide

Contact Information

Phone: (800) 972-7660

Sales Tax Rate

Base Rate: 6.000%
With Local Rate: 6.000%-8.500%

Idaho Sales Tax Facts

Is Idaho a destination or origin based state? Destination
Is Idaho a SST Certified State? No
Are zero file returns required in Idaho? No
Is shipping taxable in Idaho? No, as long as you use a common carrier and the S/H charges are billed separately.

Idaho Nexus Information

Triggers for Nexus

Delivery vehicles
Independent contractors or representatives

Does Amazon Have Warehousing in Idaho?


Idaho Filing Dates


January collections – February 20
February collections – March 20
March collections – April 20
April collectios – May 20
May collections – June 20
June collections – July 20
July collections – August 20
August collections – September 20
September collections – October 20
October collections – November 20
November collections – December 20
December collections – January 20


Q1 – April 20
Q2 – July 20
Q3 – October 20
Q4 – January 20


January 20

Other Idaho Sales Tax Information

Filing Requirements: Filing can be completed online or via paper. Paper forms are provided by The Department and are not available online. Contact The Department if you need a replacement sent.

What Will You Need:In order to file online, you will need to create an account before filing. Under Businesses in the center of the page, choose the tax type for efiling. Select New Users Start Here under sign up. Complete the contact information; create a username, and Sign Up. Check the email address provided for a temporary password to access the new account. Return to the website. Enter the username and the temporary password. The temporary password must be changed. Under Your Registered Companies, select Add a New Company. Enter the 9-digit EIN/SSN and permit number, (found on the bottom of your paper return), then add the company name as it appears on the return. You are now able to begin filing by clicking on your company name in blue.

If you e-file your returns for six consecutive months (or two quarters), the Tax Commission will stop mailing you paper returns.

Register For a Sales Tax License: To register your business, go to the online Idaho Business Registration (IBR) application to request your business permits. (If you have trouble with the online application, you can print and fill out this PDF and mail it to us at the address on the top of the paper form.)

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