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California State Sales Tax

Contact Information

Phone: (800) 400-7115

Sales Tax Rate

Base Rate: 7.500%
With Local Rate: 7.500%-10.000%

Triggers for Nexus

Delivery vehicles
Independent contractors or representatives

California Filing Deadlines


January collections – February 28
February collections – March 31
March collections – April 30
April collections – May 31
May collections – June 30
June collections – July 31
July collections – August 31
August collections – September 30
September collections – November 30
October collections – November 30
November collections – December 31
December collections – January 31


Q1 – April 30
Q2 – July 31
Q3 – October 31
Q4 – January 31


January 31

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Additional Information

Is California a destination or origin based state? Modified-Origin, state, county, and city taxes are based on the origin of the sale, whereas district taxes are based on the destination of the sale.
Is California a SST Certified State? No
Are zero file returns required in California? Yes
Is there an Amazon FBA warehouse in California? Yes
Is shipping taxable in California? Depends. If you ship via common or contract carrier, or through the US Mail, you breakdown your shipping costs on the invoice, and the charge for the shipping is equal to or less than the actual cost to ship, then you do not need to tax it. If you are charging more for the shipping the excess is taxable. Finally, if you are not separating out the shipping on the invoice, deliver the items with your own vehicle, or add on additional charges, shipping is fully taxable in California.


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