CPA Preferred Partner Program

Grow your business, protect your clients

Partnership Benefits

For You


Listing On Our Partner Network

Gain exposure through our Preferred Partner Network as an approved service provider.


Multiple Accounts

Manage all of your clients from one interface. No more logging in and out for every client.


Discounted Service

Receive discounted service pricing for both you and your clients.


Management Options

Either manage your clients’ yourself, or allow them to manage themselves.


Free Trial

Enjoy effortless sales tax compliance free for a whole month.

For Your Clients


50-State Filing

Your clients’ have business everywhere, provide them all with one simple solution.


Powered By Sovos

No other SMB platform has access to the tax rate content that Taxify does.


Free Support

Free support from our software and sales tax professionals.


Effortless Sales Tax Compliance

A simple affordable solution to an otherwise complicated problem.


Audit Risk Protection

Your clients are protected in the case of an audit with all filings and reports easily accessible.

Taxify for the Tax Professional


We understand that sales tax filing as a service is not always worth the time and effort that is required. Increasingly high on the liability scale and low on the margin scale, many firms try to avoid the practice altogether.

Taxify is changing that with the CPA Preferred Partner Program. The Preferred Partner Program offers tax professionals the tools to turn sales tax filing into a trusted service your clients can appreciate and a profit center for your firm. Simple integration with all major shopping cart software as well as standard accounting software allows for the automated collection, filing, and remittance for all of your client’s sales tax. Our extensive sales tax content powered by Sovos ensures reliability and accountability in the constantly changing tax rate environment.

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