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Automate Sales Tax For Your Clients
Taxify’s Partner Program gives you the ability to provide additional sales tax services to your clients so you can expand your business and increase profitability.
Accounting is Changing.
Technologies are changing the accounting environment. The practice is evolving and with new technologies like Xero and Quickbooks online, accounting practices are getting more automated and service packages are expanding into new areas of finance and compliance, such as sales tax.

We understand this evolution and the new challenges it poses for our clients. Problem solving is in our DNA, so we’ve been tackling this challenge in step with accounting professionals and supporting them with our technology and service so they can do the same for their customers.

Sales tax is nothing if not complex and highly regulated. With over 14,000 tax jurisdictions in the US and different rates across product types — maintaining accurate rates and rules is a full-time job. Not only that, but sales tax reform is in the works and new legislation is being proposed regarding online sales at the federal and the state level. The work the government is doing is putting more and more pressure on businesses and their representatives to maintain compliant practices.
We’re in an active economic environment. There are nearly 28 million small to medium-sized businesses and that number is growing. Barriers to starting a business are decreasing and with new technologies, starting a business has become much easier. However, the difficulty those businesses have managing sales tax are increasing. As a result, the demand for sales tax support is high.
Taxify is Here to Support You in This Evolution

Grow Your Business

Taxify’s software and services put you in a position to add sales tax support to your portfolio. We integrate with the most widely used eCommerce and accounting solutions to enable you to support of a variety of clients.

Ensure Accuracy

With over 30 years experience in sales tax compliance and coverage in 50 states, we can back you up with accurate sales tax rates and reporting. This minimizes your risk and your clients risk. 

Support Your Clients

Our purpose is to simplify sales tax and help you grow your business. To do that, we’ve created a product that allows you to manage multiple clients from a central account with an easy-to-use software platform.
Current Partners
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