STEP 1: Sign-up for a Free Trial of Taxify

You can start your no-risk, free 30-day trial of Taxify by clicking here.



STEP 2: Give Us Some Basic Info

Tell us your contact information and the states you have nexus in and therefore have a sales tax obligation. (See Step 1 for guidance on this.) If you believe you have nexus in all Amazon FBA states, you can click the “I’m an FBA Seller” checkbox, and we take care of the rest. info

STEP 3: Tell Us How Often You File and Your Sales Tax License Number

Tell us how often you need to file and your Sales Tax License number. This information is typically found in your sales tax account on the state’s website.    enter-filing-info

STEP 4: Tell Us Your Business Addresses

If your only presence in a state is with Amazon FBA, then you should put the Amazon FBA warehouse’s address in the location details section. We’ve created a sweet guide to help you find the location of each Amazon warehouse.

STEP 5: Connect Taxify with Amazon

This part is super simple, scroll down to “Connect Your Store” and click on the big “Amazon” logo. Follow the instructions to connect to your Amazon account. Once you’re connected, hit the “back” button, scroll down, and click “Finished” on the connected apps page.    connect-apps


STEP 6: Validate Your Transaction Information

It’s essential this part happens correctly, so you’ll want to do some spot checks for accuracy. To do this, click the “View Your Orders” button and search for several random orders make sure they came in. You can also look at the total number of orders imported and make sure that it matches up with the number of orders in your Seller Central account. Note: It can take several hours to import all of your orders if you have years worth. If you have trouble during the import process or any setup part of the setup process, feel free to call our support team! They’re delightful and ready to help! step-6   congrats


STEP 7: Set-Up Your AutoFile Settings

AutoFile allows you to automatically submit tax returns to the states – all you have to do is set it up! To get started, hover over “Setup” in the menu and click “AutoFile Settings”. From there, just give us your signature and banking information, and we’ll take care of the rest. The AutoFile team may reach out to you to confirm set-up before the filing process begins.




STEP 8: Celebrate – You’re All Done (Wahoo!)

Your Taxify account is set-up and your tax return filing will be completely automated. You’ll want to come in before each filing period to check and make sure that orders are coming in correctly, but besides that you’re good to go! Important: If you discover that you now owe sales tax in a new state which you did not set-up initially, make sure to tell Taxify by navigating to Setup > Filing Info. Although Taxify is pretty magical, we can’t read your mind!

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