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Louisiana Remote Sellers Commission Makes Progress

As the Louisiana Remote Sellers Commission moves forward with their plan to impose sales tax collection requirements on remote sellers, they have taken a step forward by approving a proposal from a new vendor who will design and implement a tax administration system for the state to help manage remote collections. The new vendor will be used to receive electronic filing and remittance of funds from remote sellers. How remote sellers will interact with this system, remains to be seen.

After several fits and starts, Louisiana still hopes to compel collection by remote sellers at some point on or after July 2020 and to that end, they have unveiled a draft Remote Seller sales tax return, which can be seen here. The Commission is meeting again on November 26 with the hope of publishing further documentation, including information that defines a remote seller and details the requirements for electronic filing by remote sellers. The public notice of this meeting can be found on the Commission’s web page, here.

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