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Sales Tax Roundup: Low-cost international shipping at risk, how ecommerce can accommodate people with disabilities, and what every ecommerce website needs


Are you prepared for the holiday shopping season? With Halloween a week away time, is running out before the busy season begins for retailers. But before you get dragged into that chaos, take a bit of time to catch up with the Roundup. This week we look at a few more states preparing to add post-Wayfair nexus rules, numerous California cities may increase tax rates in the upcoming election, what are the tax implications for businesses who deal with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, and how you can prepare for Cyber Monday.


Wayfair: The Sovos Perspective

The Wayfair decision will have profound effects on eCommerce. Read everything that we’ve written about what the Supreme Court decided and how sales tax compliance will change.

Sovos’ Economic Nexus Threshold Table

Sovos has put together this South Dakota v. Wayfair economic nexus thresholds table to keep you informed of each state’s effective and pending remote sales tax collection legislation.


The New Tax Environment: What Wayfair is bringing about

Gazette Mail: In Policy Shift, State to Tax Most Internet Retail Sales After All

In a significant policy change, the West Virginia Tax Department has issued an administrative notice to most out-of-state retailers, directing that they are to begin collecting and remitting taxes on internet sales to West Virginians.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Legislation Likely to Tax Online sales, as State Revenues Surge in September

Virginia is looking to go online for revenue, with legislation next year to allow the state to collect sales tax on internet sales.

Hartford Courant: Candidates for Governor Agree: Connecticut Online Shoppers Should Pay Sales Tax

Three candidates for governor called Wednesday for increased collection of sales taxes on online purchases as a way to help balance the state budget.


Next Up: Updates and changes in regulating eCommerce.

Bloomberg: Trump to Withdraw U.S. From Postal Treaty, Squeezing China

The president wants to adopt “self-declared rates” as soon as practical, and no later than January 1, 2020.

Daily Bulletin: 18 Southern California Cities Will Ask To Raise Sales tax on November Ballot

Cities across California are banking on sales tax as a solution to inflation, residents’ demand for services and looming pension costs.

Bloomberg SALT: Don’t Be Scared of Sales Tax This Halloween

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary: how much sales tax will I owe this Halloween?


State of the Industry: Trends and developments in eCommerce.

Marketing Land: Analysts Agree: E-Commerce Sales Set to Deliver Robust Holiday Retail Growth

Deloitte forecasts up to a 22 percent increase in e-commerce sales, online sales are expected to reach $128 to $134 billion.

Entrepreneur: To Keep Up as an Ecommerce Business, Recognize That It May Be Time to Expand

A new survey of ecommerce professionals shows the industry is bullish.

The Next Web: Ecommerce Is Ignoring People With Disabilities — Here’s How it Should Change

Beyond the fact that people with disabilities deserve the same access to information and opportunities as everyone else, this oft-ignored demographic comes with a lot of purchasing power.

Ad News: Fighting the Myth of the E-Commerce Monopoly

If you believe the hype and have an independent online retail business, life might be looking somewhat gloomy.

Bloomberg: The Sales Tax Implications of Accepting Virtual Currency as Payment

Accepting Bitcoins in exchange for taxable items is an evolving area of law.


On the lighter side: Tips for eCommerce businesses.

Entrepreneur: 5 Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales on Cyber Monday

Your goal should be to make your deals too good to resist. Is 50 percent off too high? Probably. But some companies have found it works.

Retail Customer Experience: Helping e-Commerce Teams Focus on Retail Customer Experience

Many e-commerce teams are continuing to ignore the real driver behind these business objectives — a simple and enjoyable customer experience for everyone that visits your brand’s website.

Entrepreneur: 5 Ecommerce Secrets the “Experts” Aren’t Willing to Share With You

Many consider these five ecommerce secrets too valuable to share with just anybody.

UX Planet: 5 Must-Have Elements For Any e-Commerce Website

When a brand decides to establish an online presence, first and foremost it develops a


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