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Sales Tax Roundup: eBay Seeks Uniform Remote Sellers Tax Rules, the Rise of Conversational Commerce, and Getting Ready for the Holidays


It’s hard to believe but summer is now behind us. Fall is here, bringing cooler weather, ubiquitous pumpkin spice, and of course the busy holiday shopping season. Before that all gets kicked into gear, though, take some time with the Roundup and read about what’s going on in the world of eCommerce. This week we look at two rather difficult states — Colorado and Louisiana — that are aiming to collect sales tax from remote seller under a Wayfair type nexus rule. That and proposals to the U.S. Congress to bring some clarity and uniformity to the collection of sales tax by remote sellers, a review of a recent report on eCommerce trends, and tips on how to recover a sale from an abandoned shopping cart.


Wayfair: The Sovos Perspective

The Wayfair decision will have profound effects on eCommerce. Read everything that we’ve written about what the Supreme Court decided and how sales tax compliance will change.


The New Tax Environment: Upcoming changes to state nexus rules

Coloradoan: The Taxman Is Coming For Your Online Purchases In Colorado

A new directive from the state Department of Revenue requires out-of-state retailers who sell in Colorado to obtain a state sales tax license.

The Advocate: Charging Internet Sales Tax In Louisiana Might Be Much More Complicated Than You Think. . .

Louisiana is setting itself up for a massive lawsuit if the state, as planned, starts charging sales taxes on internet purchases Jan. 1 and doesn’t dramatically alter the way those taxes are collected and remitted.


Next Up: Updates and changes in regulating eCommerce.

The Hill: Bipartisan Group Of Lawmakers Offer Bill To Provide Certainty Following Online Sales Tax Ruling

The bill would provide a framework for when states can require out-of-state online retailers to collect their sales taxes.

eSeller Cafe: eBay Collects One Million Signatures Supporting a Fair Sales Tax Policy

The company says the need for common-sense tax policy is especially critical for the 4.1 million small businesses that sell online.

Cosmetics Design: China’s New Laws Will Hold E-Commerce Platforms Responsible For Counterfeit Cosmetics

China has introduced new legislation that will hold online platforms such as Alibaba and accountable for fake goods sold by third parties on their websites.


State of the Industry: Trends and developments in eCommerce.

Knowledge.Klarna: E-Commerce in 2018: Breaking Down Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends

The guide takes an in-depth look into every element of online commerce that impacts retail today and in the very near future.

The Street: FedEx Boosts U.S. Deliveries to Six Days a Week as E-Commerce Grows

FedEx is ramping up its capabilities as the holiday season approaches.

Brookings: Where Will Online Orders Get Fulfilled? The Changing Local Geography of E-Commerce

Nationally, the economic effects are widespread, particularly when it comes to the labor market: E-commerce is hiring, while certain brick-and-mortar retailers are shedding jobs. Conversational Commerce: What It Is and How It’s Shaping the Future of E-Commerce

Conversational commerce can be best defined as the type of autonomous technology that is supervised by AI and allows online buyers to communicate with each other through chat or voice interfaces.

Forbes: The BIggest Problem In E-Commerce Has Finally Been Solved

Primary among the issue according to several studies is the growing phenomenon of “porch piracy” whereby consumers have e-commerce packages stolen.


On the lighter side: Tips for eCommerce businesses.

Web Designer Depot: How To Recover Abandoned eCommerce Carts

In this post we’ll learn how to capture and recover abandoned shopping carts in WooCommerce and how to create a successful abandoned cart recovery email.

Retail Dive: E-Commerce Shoppers Expect Free Shipping, Branded Giveaways

E-commerce consumers have evolving priorities and expectations of online sellers and are now more often looking for free delivery, free product giveaways and high-quality products over fancy packaging and elaborate unboxing videos.

Entrepreneur: Do You Stink At ECommerce Content Marketing? Find Inspiration In These 6 Big-Name Brands

The strategies used by Etsy, Mercedes-Benz, JetBlue (and a brand called The Elephant Pants) can give you some good ideas.

Business 2 Community: 3 Things Ecommerce Merchants Need To Know Before The Holidays Hit

On average, the holiday season accounts for approximately 20% of all retail sales, with some retailers surpassing 30%.

Specbee: 7 Effective Ways To Boost Your E-Commerce Sales Today

As an e-commerce marketer, you are always looking for new ways in which you can drive traffic to your e-commerce site and boost your sales.

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