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Sales Tax Roundup: What Congress Can do About Online Sales Tax, Global Competition for eCommerce is Heating Up, and Ways to Make Your eCommerce Store More Efficient


With Labor Day behind us, the Roundup has put its white clothes away and is prepping for raking work as the regulatory shakeup from the Wayfair decision begins to shake the trees in earnest. This week we look at regulatory changes that states need to take to take advantage of the post-Wayfair rules, why Click & Collect could help improve your store, and ways to recognize that your website may need a redesign.


Wayfair: The Sovos Perspective

The Wayfair decision will have profound effects on eCommerce. Read everything that we’ve written about what the Supreme Court decided and how sales tax compliance will change.


The New Tax Environment: Upcoming changes to state nexus rules

Forbes : Don’t Look Now, But States Are Already Requiring Online Sellers To Collect Sales Taxes

According to the Tax Foundation, nearly half the nation’s sales tax states have adopted legislation or regulations that will require remote sellers to either collect sales taxes or report transactions to state revenue authorities.

Hartford Business: CT Ramps Up Efforts To Collect Online Sales Tax Revenues

The state’s new law, which received bipartisan support, is set to go into effect Dec. 1, and will be a boon to Connecticut’s coffers.

Miami Herald: Governor Submits Bills For Online Sales Tax Special Session

South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard submitted two bills for consideration that would help implement collection of sales by by online retailers.


Next Up: Updates and changes in regulating eCommerce.

Tax Foundation: Post-Wayfair Options For States

This report reviews the Wayfair decision and evaluates state laws to determine what further action each state may need to take.

Washington Post: Borrowing A Page From Gov, Larry Hogan, Ben Jealous Wants To Cut MD Sales Tax

Maryland Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous proposed cutting the state sales tax Thursday from 6 percent to 5.75 percent.

AZ Central: Sales Taxes In Arizona Have Mostly Stabilized, Though At High Rates

Sales taxes in Arizona are relatively high. But at least the trend in recent years has been one of stability.


State of the Industry: Trends and developments in eCommerce.

Ecommerce Bytes: Online Sellers Stumped Over Sales Tax Collection

Unfortunately there are no simple, one-size-fits-all answers, frustrating sellers struggling to deal with the issue.

Digital Ecommerce 360: Top E-Commerce Empires Compete For Global Supremacy

The competition for worldwide e-commerce marketplace dominance is leading to a showdown between the empires of Amazon and Alibaba.

Entrepreneur: How Click & Collect Option Plans To Dominate The Online Shopping Space

We tell you how Click & Collect option offers customers full control over the delivery of their products with e-commerce.

Small Biz Trends:10 Ecommerce Best Practices For Small Business

By 2021, it is estimated there will be over 2 billion digital shoppers; make sure you understand the best practices for a successful eCommerce business before then.


On the lighter side: Tips for eCommerce businesses.

Forbes: Make Your E-Commerce Store More Efficient By Automating These Four Tasks

The key to automating tasks in a productive way is choosing those that feature little variance and require little creativity.

Multichannel Merchant: 13 Steps To Greater Ecommerce Fulfillment Efficiency

As Amazon gets stronger and companies become more competitive, ecommerce merchants need to continually find ways to improve operations, reduce expenses and improve the customer experience. 4 Reasons Why You Should Revamp Your E-Commerce Site

If your online sales have dwindled, web traffic has declined, or bounce rates increased, it could be a sign that your e-commerce website needs work.

Entrepreneur: 5 Points To Consider When Choosing An Ecommerce System For Your Business

With cryptocurrency gaining prominence, have you considered accepting Bitcoin and its ilk?

ClickZ: How To Make Your E-Commerce Website More Mobile Friendly And Drive Conversions

Since more than 15% of all e-commerce sales are made from a mobile device, it is essential to create a great mobile experience.

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