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Sales Tax Roundup: What Impact Will the Wayfair Decision Really Have, the Rise of Social Commerce, and Content Marketing Can Build a Better eCommerce Platform


Summer’s coming to an end, but there’s cause for celebration: It’s the peak of back-to-school shopping. And just as these heady days of retail pass, we think it’s the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming ultra-busy holiday shopping period by making sure your eCommerce needs — including government reporting and tax filings — are being met. For this Roundup, we look at some ways that states can avoid the difficult process of passing new legislation in order to take advantage of the post-Wayfair environment, plus why account takeover fraud is major issue for eCommerce and how you can get ahead of the problem, and ways to expand into the global market and still be locally relevant.


Wayfair: The Sovos Perspective

The Wayfair decision will have profound effects on eCommerce. Read everything that we’ve written about what the Supreme Court decided and how sales tax compliance will change.


The New Tax Environment: Upcoming changes to state nexus rules

Victoria Advocate: State To Start Collecting Online Sales Tax For Out-Of-State Businesses

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts officials hope to have rules in place in early 2019 for out-of-stata businesses to collect sales tax.

Detroit Free Press: Michigan 6% Sales Tax To Hit More Online Purchases Starting Oct. 1

Michigan residents can soon expect 6 percent sales tax to be charged on more of their online purchases.

Concord Monitor: Wanted: A Plan B For Online Sales Tax Legislation

It took mere minutes last month for the House to strike down a long-anticipated proposal by Gov. Chris Sununu to protect New Hampshire businesses from online sales taxes.


Next Up: Updates and changes in regulating eCommerce.

Bloomberg SALT: Anti-Bellas Hess Laws Might Be The Key To Escaping Wayfair FOMO

North Carolina is one of many states that have had unenforced anti-Bella HEss laws on the books for decades.

The Hill: Congress Should Consider Small-Business Exception To Internet Sales Tax

Subjecting small business owners to burdensome taxes may bring some revenue for states, but at the high cost of stifling growth and limiting opportunity.

Forbes: Ruling On Online Sales Tax Won’t Actually Change Much

It’s worth understanding where we stand post-ruling and where the e-commerce industry will need to adapt and deal with those modifications.


State of the Industry: Trends and developments in eCommerce.

The Atlantic: The Strange Infinities of E-Commerce

When it costs as much to retail 200,000 things as one thing, the world gets a little odd.

Forbes: Walmart’s E-Commerce Tactics Against Amazon Look To Be Paying Off

The fight between Walmart and Amazon — one of the hottest stories in the retail industry — is only getting juicier, and Walmart’s Q2 results offer proof.

Visual Capitalist: This Chart Shows Amazon’s Dominance in Ecommerce

In the last two years, the already monstrous Amazon somehow was able to increase their share of the total U.S. ecommerce market from 38$ to 49%.

Practical Ecommerce: Account Takeover Fraud a Growing Problem for Ecommerce

The cost of account takeover fraud tripled last year, reaching an estimated $5.1 billion in the United States.

ZD Net: Will Social Commerce Ever Replace E-Commerce?

With native transactions happening on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms, how can e-commerce sites step up and avoid the threat from social commerce?


On the lighter side: Tips for eCommerce businesses.

Entrepreneur: New To Ecommerce? Save Yourself Thousands Yearly With These 5 Frugal Hacks

Launching an ecommerce business shouldn’t be an expensive undertaking, though many drastically overpay.

Martech Advisor: Top 5 e-Commerce Trends You Can’t Miss in 2018

E-commerce continues to evolve at a mind-boggling pace, which indicates an adoption of technological advancements and innovative strategies to stay ahead in the competition.

Retail Dive: How To Build A User-Friendly eCommerce Experience In A Diverse Global Market

Doing business in other parts of the world requires a firm grasp on brand identity and cultural preferences os you can ensure your brand connects with diverse audiences.

Search Engine Watch: How To Plan Content Marketing For An Ecommerce Business

Aimed at creating the content that fits the audience’s perception well, the right strategy will also help you boost your sales and retain existing customers.

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