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Sales Tax Roundup: Supreme Court Rules in Wayfair, opening door for states to expand sales tax collection requirements — and more


This was a very busy week here at Sovos: in case you were living under a rock (nothing wrong with that!) the U.S. Supreme Court came out with its highly anticipated ruling in the South Dakota v. Wayfair case, ruling that states are no longer limited by the physical presence standard requirement when they impose a tax burden on businesses — in a nutshell, this paves the way for much broader taxation of online sales and eCommerce. So it should be understandable why that’s taken a lot of our attention!

As such, we are presenting a special Roundup this week, chockablock with special Wayfair coverage. First, we encourage you all to look at all of the blog posts, webinars, and other notes that have been published by the Sovos family this week. Then, to show we’re not wholly self-conceited, we look at what other sources are saying about Wayfair. And, we look around the country to see how various states have reacted to the decision. You can expect much more from us in the coming weeks as more details come out. Rest assured — because we won’t be doing much resting ourselves!

But we still have plenty of eCommerce news too, including a look at trends affecting eCommerce, how you should use data to improve your eCommerce sales, why blockchain will be the biggest change to eCommerce in the coming years, and why old-fashioned brick-and-mortar stores still have lessons to teach to eCommerce.


Wayfair: The Sovos perspective

The Wayfair decision will have profound effects on eCommerce. Visit our Resource Center to read everything that we’ve written about what the Supreme Court decided and how sales tax compliance will change. If you missed our special Ask Chuck and Alex webinar, you can sign up to watch the replay as well.


Wayfair: The broader take

Wired: Why The Supreme Court Sales Tax Ruling May Benefit Amazon
The decision will likely be most troublesome for smaller online retailers.

Motley Fool: How the Supreme Court’s Decision Will Affect E-Commerce
Some e-commerce companies had a roller coaster of a day after the sales tax vote, but what does it mean for the long term?

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: E-commerce Firms See Little Problem Complying With Tax Ruling
Sales tax could add hundreds of dollars to some appliance purchases, but Steve Goedeker doesn’t think collecting it will hurt his business.


Wayfair: How states are reacting

Press Republican: No Tax On NYS Internet Sales — Yet
In New York, an expansion of the sales tax on internet transactions could generate $160 million for the state treasury annually, while sending another $160 million to county governments, many of which split the revenue with towns, villages and cities.

Clarion Ledger: What Will Collecting Internet Sales Taxes Mean For Mississippi?
It will most likely prompt Gov. Phil Bryant to call the state Legislature back to Jackson for a special session in coming weeks.

Santa Fe New Mexican: New Mexico Considering Online Sales Tax
Although New Mexico collects a voluntary tax from online giant Amazon, most internet retailers don’t have to pay the state’s gross receipts tax on goods shipped to customers here.

Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin Will Collect Online Sales Taxes And Then Cut Other Taxes By Same Amount
Gov. Scott Walker signaled Monday the state would start collecting sales taxes for internet purchases — but offset any new money with cuts to other taxes by the same amount.

Journal Star: Legislative Online Sales Tax Decision Bigger Than It Looks
Many Nebraskans do not realize that our state’s sales tax already applies to those purchases.

Eagle Tribune: NH Fights Back After Online Sales Tax Ruling
The state prides itself on having neither a sales nor income tax, but officials say the high court’s July 21 ruling could burden its small businesses and threaten New Hampshire’s very identity.


Next Up: Updates and changes in regulating eCommerce

Daily Advertiser: What You Need To Know About Sunday’s La. Sales Tax Change
The state sales tax will drop a teensy bit starting Sunday — July 1.


State of the Industry: Trends and developments in eCommerce

Forbes: Trends in Ecommerce and What They Mean for Your Business
With all the data to be gathered about visitors and their browsing and shopping habits, the most successful will use this valuable information to continually shape and grow their online strategy.

The Next Web: How Blockchain Will Transform The e-commerce Industry Over The Next Few Years
The world has never seen a technology as powerful as blockchain technology and it could potentially impact all sectors of the economy complete will transforming it through top notch efficiency.

The Sociable: What Does Ecommerce Data And Analytics Look Like In 2018? Like This!
It’s no secret that ecommerce data and analytics have become buzzwords for business development success, and a critical consideration for anyone who hopes to grow their ecommerce enterprise in 2018.

Ecommerce Times: What Net Neutrality’s Repeal Means to E-Commerce SMBs
The move will let Internet service providers block and manipulate Internet usage and discriminate against users at will, according to critics.

Forbes: 5 Big Myths And Misunderstandings About E-Commerce
Much of what gets written about the retail industry centers on the notion that e-commerce is changing everything and that traditional retailers and malls will soon be obliterated in a tsunami of disruption.


On the lighter side: Tips for eCommerce businesses.

The Drum: E-Commerce Is In Need Of A Deeper Strategy With Social
Online shopping is big business, and stronger integration with social could further propel success.

Daze Info: Is Mobile the Future Destination of E-Commerce for Young Consumers?
The impact of smartphone revolution seems to have maximum impact on the youth or generation Z, as some people like to call them.

Adweek: 3 Ways Ecommerce Brands Can Use Social to Boost Their Reach and Engagement
Instagram and other platforms are the new window shopping.

Practical Ecommerce: 7 Lessons from Confucius for Ecommerce Businesses
Wisdom, personal or corporate, has not changed much in 2,500 years, or so it would seem.

Forbes: Want To Grow Your E-Commerce Business? Adapt Brick-And-Mortar Strategies
Brick-and-mortar stores are slowly becoming a thing of the past, but their sales techniques don’t have to.

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