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Sales Tax Roundup: Massachusetts Debates Lowering Sales Tax, How Blockchain Can Help eCommerce, and Hiring For Your eCommerce Business


In this week’s roundup, a recent report looks at the effect of eCommerce on measuring inflation, how Amazon is able to spur sales, and key takeaways from a report on what’s driving eCommerce sales. In other news, the Supreme Court is primed to release its ruling in the Wayfair sales tax case, so stayed tuned for all of our takes on what the Court said and what it means for online sellers.


South Dakota v. Wayfair: Join Our Live Q&A!

Live Q&A Webcast: Ask Chuck & Alex, Live: The Supreme Court’s Decision on Wayfair v. South Dakota

You may have heard about a potentially landscape-altering Supreme Court case that is set to be decided any day now. But what will happen to your eCommerce business after the verdict is given? Join us on June 27 at 2:00 p.m. EST for a live Q&A session with our regulatory experts Chuck Maniace and Alex Koral to get your questions answered and learn about the potential impacts of the ruling.


Next Up: Updates and changes in regulating eCommerce

NY Times: E-Commerce Might Help Solve The Mystery of Low Inflation

The spectacular growth in online shopping, it turns out, is not only tamping down inflation more than previously though, but also distorting the way it is measured.

Fox News: Steve Forbes: Internet Sales Tax Would Be Fatal For Small Businesses

An opinion piece expressing concerns with the potential detrimental impact a Supreme Court decision in favor of South Dakota could have on small online sellers.

Boston Globe: Should Massachusetts Lower Its Sales Tax From 6.25 Percent to 5 Percent?

The Bay State faces an upcoming decision on whether to reduce its sales tax rate; here are different opinions on the debate.

Bloomberg SALT Talk Blog: Qui Tam Actions Aren’t What They Used To Be

Sales tax practitioners are familiar with the risk of audits by state tax departments if their sales tax collection is not up to snuff, but private qui tam actions also loom as a possibility.


State of the Industry: Trends and developments in eCommerce

Motley Fool: Will Amazon’s Secret Weapon Lead to Explosive E-Commerce Growth?

This one thing resulted in a 29% increase in total purchases by Amazon customers.

The Next Web: How Blockchain Will Transform the e-Commerce Industry Over The Next Few Years

The current e-commerce business model will have a hard time resolving all their issues in one fell swoop, with the only solution to those problems is blockchain technology.

Retail Dive: Amazon Still Dominate e-Commerce, But Others Have Room To Grow

Make no mistake about who is the top dog in the e-commerce world. It’s still Amazon, and by a wide margin. But the e-commerce sector still hasn’t fully matured.


On the lighter side: Tips for eCommerce businesses.

Forbes: Top 5 Trends Driving E-Commerce

Influential takeaways from the report retailers cannot ignore.

Practical Ecommerce: How to Find (Great) Ecommerce Employees

You’re hiring. Your ecommerce operation is growing. You need help. But how do you find that just-right person for your company?

The Drum: E-Commerce Is In Need Of A Deeper Strategy With Social

Online shopping is big business, and stronger integration with social could further propel success

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