Sales Tax Roundup: A look at our Sales Tax 101 series, Amazon adds a fulfillment center in Oklahoma, and Massachusetts retailers argue to cut sales tax - Taxify

Sales Tax Roundup: A look at our Sales Tax 101 series, Amazon adds a fulfillment center in Oklahoma, and Massachusetts retailers argue to cut sales tax


In this week’s roundup, we showcase some recent posts from our own blog that aim to educate the industry all about sales tax regulations, issues, and compliance. In addition, we look at a Louisiana bill aiming to add a South Dakota-style economic nexus law, Adobe’s purchase of Magento will have big effects on eCommerce, and why maximizing your marketing efforts is necessary for success in eCommerce.


Getting Started: Check out our latest Sales Tax 101 posts

Taxify By Sovos: What’s Nexus, and Where Do I Have It?

Anyone concerned about sales tax, whether their interest is personal or more academic, must understand what nexus is and what it’s about.

Taxify by Sovos: Licensing, Registrations, and How to Simplify Them

Fear not: we’re here to allay some of the fears about sales tax licensing and show how you can make registering for sales tax collection, if not fun, at least less daunting.


Updates and changes in regulating in eCommerce

The Advocate: Sales Tax Coming To Internet Purchases In Louisiana? Legislators Rush To Match South Dakota Law

Three identical bills were filed during the special session to match Louisiana’s law with South Dakota’s in case the U.S. Supreme Court allows states to start collecting sales taxes on internet purchases.

Forbes: Reflections On the The Supreme Court’s Reflections On Sales Tax

The most exciting thing going on this year has to be the Supreme Court’s consideration of South Dakota v. Wayfair. Absolutely. No question. Well, that’s if you are a state and local tax geek.

Boston Globe: Mass. Retailers Tout Economic Gains As Selling Point For Cutting The Sales Tax

Would a cut to the sales tax be an economic win for Massachusetts? The Retailers Association of Massachusetts sure wants you to think so.

CALmatters: California Could Cut Your High Sales Tax If It Taxed Business Services. Why That Won’t Happen – Yet

Some state lawmakers are pushing the idea to create a new business services tax they say would allow the state to cut California’s high sales tax to consumers and pull the state’s antiquated tax code into the 21st century.


State of the Industry: Trends and developments in eCommerce

The Motley Fool: Why Adobe’s Move Into E-Commerce Is A Big Deal

Adobe’s host of software-as-a-service offerings just took a big step forward.

eCommerce Bytes: Amazon to Open Its First Fulfillment Center In Oklahoma

The center will be located at Will Rogers World Airport’s Lariat Landing, a large commercial development area created on the airport to attract companies like Amazon.

In The Black: Conquering the Last Mile On E-Commerce Delivery

The “last mile” has long been a thorn in the side of e-commerce retailers, whose brands have been bumped and bruised by third-party delivery partners.


On the lighter side: Tips for eCommerce businesses

Search Engine Journal: 15 Mistakes New Ecommerce Sites Make All Too Often

If you want to win in the competitive ecommerce industry, you need to avoid the pitfalls that will cause half of your peers to crash and burn along the way.

Forbes: Five Ways Brands Can Adapt For the Era of E-Commerce

The bottom line is that retail is changing and will continue to change, but simply investing in e-commerce will not offer brands respite from competition.

Hello Bar: 22 E-Commerce Optimization Tips To Greatly Increase Conversion Rates

E-commerce optimization is essential for any business owner who wants to stand out and get found amidst the Amazons and eBays of the world.

Forbes: Three E-Commerce Marketing Trends That Will Help You Boost Online Sales

Consumers today have a lot of options when it comes to shopping, and the digital marketing landscape is constantly shifting.

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