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Sales Tax Roundup: Reactions to SCOTUS oral arguments in Wayfair


The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Wayfair last week, and as such this Roundup is chockablock with reactions and hot takes — ultimately things are much less determined than they were two weeks ago. Then, we look at what Jeff Bezos predicts for Amazon in 2018 and broader trends for eCommerce going forward, and finally why you should be concerned with design thinking.


Next Up: Updates and changes in regulating eCommerce

Tax Foundation: Growing Number of State Sales Tax Jurisdictions Makes South Dakota v. Wayfair That Much More Imperative

In the 26 years since Quill, states have adopted a patchwork of laws, many of which have stretched or ignored the physical presence rule to broaden the scope of their tax collecting authority.

USA Today: Supreme Court Closely Divided On Changing Rules For Online Sales Tax Collection

The drive by cash-strapped state governments to collect more sales taxes from online retailers ran into skepticism Tuesday at the Supreme Court, where justices voiced concern about changing long-established rules of interstate commerce.

The Economist: The Supreme Court Seems Divided Over Sales Tax On Online Purchases

Should online retailers have to collect sales taxes in states where they have no physical presence?

The Tribune Democrat: PA’s Move To Capture Move Online Sales Tax Threatened By Supreme Court Case

Pennsylvania’s move to try to make sure that online purchases get levied the same sales tax that shoppers pay in brick-and-mortar stores is one that could be impacted by a case argued before the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday.


State of the Industry: Trends and developments in eCommerce.

Palm Beach Post: Amazon in 2018: 6 Things You Should Know About The E-Commerce Giant

Jeff Bezos’s annual letter to Amazon shareholders is widely seen by industry watchers as an indispensable read if you want to get a handle on where the self-described “Earth’s most customer-centric company” is headed next.

Forbes: Five Trends That Are Shaping The Future Of Marketing And E-Commerce

As digital disruption continues to alter the media landscape and rewrite the rules of the game, marketers need to keep a close eye on the systemic trends at play, as customer behaviors are once again shifting drastically.

Investor’s Business Daily: Deliver Us From Amazon: Why The E-Commerce Titan May Not Win The Same-Day Delivery Race

After scrambling to catch up to Amazon on free shipping, brick-and-mortar titans are rushing to stay ahead of the e-commerce giant on same-day delivery.

Destination CRM: 3 Reasons E-commerce Is Shifting Toward Direct-to-Consumer Brands (And Why You Should Care)

Direct-to-consumer brands are starting to dominate their industries, and here’s what that means for e-commerce as a whole.


On the lighter side: Tips for eCommerce businesses.

Forbes: Digital Transformation Opportunities In E-Commerce

To satisfy the scaling demand for technology in online retail and wholesale, you must implement omnichannel, mulitchannel, marketing tools and cloud e-commerce solutions.

Entrepreneur: 3 Strategies for Ecommerce Sales And Growth Using The New Technologies

Create new value offerings using blockchain and augmented reality

Forbes: Want To Succeed In E-Commerce? Use Design Thinking

If we want to please our customers, we need to anticipate their needs. That means being the crossing guard at the intersection of technology and humanity with design thinking.

Startup Grind: Top 5 Things E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Find Most Challenging

At some point or other, all entrepreneurs face a fair share of challenges in their business. And when the initiative is e-commerce, things become even more tricky.

Forbes: Five Ways To Start An E-Commerce Business On A Budget

Here are some the things learned by e-commerce entrepreneurs who started their businesses on a tight budget.

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