Sales Tax Roundup: Idaho moves to pass remote tax bill, while Nebraska doesn’t; previewing eCommerce’s future; and sales optimization tips. - Taxify

Sales Tax Roundup: Idaho moves to pass remote tax bill, while Nebraska doesn’t; previewing eCommerce’s future; and sales optimization tips.


This week’s Sales Tax Roundup has an opinion piece from Tax Foundation, arguing that Congress is the proper party to establish nexus standards for online sellers, not the Supreme Court; that and a new merchant association looks to assist Amazon Marketplace sellers and how to skew your ads to different generations.


Next Up: Updates and changes in regulating eCommerce

Tax Foundation: Should Congress Act Before SCOTUS On Online Sales Taxes?

Congress should act to rebuild limits on state tax power, and these limits should include a nexus standard that scales with the burden it imposes.

Idaho State Journal: Legislature OKs South Idaho Lawmaker’s Internet Sales Tax Bill

A bill that would require some out-of-state retailers to collect and remit Idaho’s sales tax on online purchase will now be sent to the governor’s desk to await a signature.

Omaha World-Herald:  Internet Sales Tax Bill In Nebraska Legislature Dead For This Year After Filibuster

Online shoppers won’t be forced to pay Nebraska sales taxes this year after the Legislature killed an Internet tax proposal on Thursday.

560 KPQ: Local Sales Tax Rates Increasing For Some Washingtonians

Consumers in several Washington cities and counties will play more in sales tax on purchases starting April 1, 2018.


State of the Industry: Trends and developments in eCommerce.

Forbes: New Merchant Association To Tackle Sales Tax Ambiguity For Amazon Sellers

A new trade association has been formed to collectively represent the interest of online merchants to lawmakers and large corporations in the ecommerce ecosystem, including Amazon.

CMS Wire: Fundamental Ecommerce Factors You Cannot Ignore

Companies must juggle a number of factors to keep their ecommerce operations running efficiently and profitably.

Memphis Daily News:  2018 E-Commerce Trends

If 2017 taught us anything, it’s that e-commerce is much more than transactions made from a desktop computer or mobile device.

Federal News Radio: GSA, OMB Detail Legislative Fixes Needed To Implement E-Commerce Portals

Government agencies are gearing up to begin making acquisitions from digital marketplaces; eCommerce platforms should prepare now to become an approved acquisition platform.

Packaging World: Winning at E-Commerce

There are number of estimates being bandied about the industry relating to how quickly e-commerce sales will grow over the next several years; they range anywhere from 8% to 16%.


On the lighter side: Tips for eCommerce businesses.

Search Engine Journal: The Hidden Opportunity For E-commerce Websites In Google Images

Many experts share that featuring multiple professional images for a product helps reduce customer uncertainty, resulting in improved conversion and lower return rates.

Springbot:  eCommerce Strategies For Marketing To Different Generations

These days, we know that it’s wiser and more cost-effective to target customers based on specific demographic and behavioural data.

Fidelitone: 6 Ways TO Optimize Your E-Commerce Fulfillment Center Network

As the industry burgeons, so does demand for fulfillment-related services like warehousing and delivery.

Practical Ecommerce: For Ecommerce, Better To Use Search Ads or Display?

For online sellers, digital advertising is not a choice between search ads or display ads, but rather understanding how each of these tools can help generate sales.

E-Commerce Times: 5 Steps To A Painless Checkout Process

Checkout is not only key to driving revenue — it’s key to user satisfaction, order size and retention.


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