Sales Tax Roundup: The physical presence issue enters the national spotlight, new individual state rates, and a look at what's on the horizon in 2018. - Taxify

Sales Tax Roundup: The physical presence issue enters the national spotlight, new individual state rates, and a look at what’s on the horizon in 2018.

As 2018 gets off to a fast start, Taxify by Sovos is pleased to introduce a new blog series we will update on a biweekly basis: The Sales Tax Roundup. This is the first edition of this series, which will curate newsworthy or useful articles from our partners, our own content, and trusted publications.


Let’s get started! First, here are some recent regulatory updates and issues:


Taxify by Sovos: The Future of Sales Tax Compliance is in the Hands of the States – We hosted a webinar last month in which we discussed the future of the regulatory landscape and how businesses can prepare for the future while maintaining their compliance efforts today.

Ohio Department of Taxation: Ohio Tax Amnesty – Ohio is offering an amnesty program for both businesses and individuals, which will run through February 15. The program allows applicants to settle their unpaid taxes and move forward with clean slates.

CPA Practice Advisor: State-by-State Sales Tax Changes for 2018 – CPA Practice Advisor breaks down potential state-level legislative changes that are on the horizon for this year and discusses the ongoing debate on physical presence requirements for online retailers.

Accounting Today: States look for workarounds with new tax reform law – Sales tax imposed on remote sellers is a key focus in this piece from Accounting Today looking at how states are approaching the GOP’s tax overhaul.

Los Angeles Times: With billions at stake, Supreme Court urged to revisit ruling shielding internet purchases from sales tax –The Los Angeles Times takes a deep dive into how states are pressuring the Federal Government to overturn or amend the Quill decision expand sales tax on eCommerce retailers.


While regulations are important to track, they don’t always make for light reading! Here are some stories about industry trends and best practices:


Taxify by Sovos: Compliance is a Powerful Thing – We had a blast at Xerocon in early December! Xero’s panel of speakers gave us some incredible insights about technology’s growing impact on compliance and accounting, and how the intertwined fields will continue to evolve as a result.

Sovos: Sales and Use Tax Filing Datasheet – The Sovos team put together an awesome piece demonstrating how a centralized, cloud-based solution can help your business eliminate the risk of filing errors and avoid audits.  

Bobsled Marketing: Kiri’s Amazon Predictions for 2018 – Kiri Masters over at Bobsled Marketing – a Taxify by Sovos partner – has some predictions for what Amazon might change that could impact eCommerce sellers this year. Given her success in predicting Amazon’s growth last year, this should be a must-read for FBA vendors!

HPC: What You Can Do To Keep Your Tax Data Secure – Our pals over at HPC offered some solutions for tax data security issues. Some of these steps are simple, but they could pay dividends for your organization.

Finances Online: Top 20 Tax Software Solutions – We get to end this blog on a happy note: We’re thrilled to have been included in Finances Online’s list of top tax software solutions for 2018! Thanks for the shoutout, guys.


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