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Amazon Amnesty Deadline Extended To November 1

The Multistate Tax Commission’s (MTC) Nexus Committee announced it would extend its amnesty program’s application deadline for Amazon Marketplace sellers to November 1 after an emergency meeting on Wednesday October 11.

Sellers Now Have Two More Weeks to Apply
The amnesty program was originally scheduled to close its application period on October 17, but participating states voted to extend the deadline for an additional two-week period for sellers to apply. A reason cited for the extension was the remaining uncertainty about the program among Amazon Marketplace sellers. With this extra time, Amazon Marketplace sellers now have some breathing room to determine the best course of action for their businesses.

Registration Will Now Continue Past December 1
Along with extending the deadline for applying to the MTC amnesty initiative, the participating states voted to move the due date for when an approved Amazon Marketplace seller would need to register as a tax collector with a state. The MTC program requires that after sellers receive notice that a state has approved their application for amnesty, they have 30 days to become registered as a tax collector in that state.

Under the previous time frame, the MTC had set December 1 as the last date for registration as a tax collector. With the extended deadline to apply to the amnesty program, the MTC also determined that the December 1 date is infeasible. Participating Amazon Marketplace sellers who have their application for amnesty approved by a state will still need to register as a tax collector within 30 days, but this can be on a date after December 1.

More Sellers Will Likely Jump On Board
The MTC’s Nexus Program Director, Richard Cram, told the emergency meeting attendees that he expects the number of participants in the amnesty program to surge in the coming weeks. While 285 marketplace sellers have signed up already, Cram said the MTC had received a daily influx of 20 applications in recent days. This number appears poised to grow steadily between now and the new November 1 deadline.

Next Steps
To find out if you are eligible for the amnesty program, head over to our guide and see how Taxify can help.

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