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Webinar Recap: eCommerce Sellers, Get Caught Up on Sales Tax With Scott Letourneau

Ecommerce sellers need to be aware of their tax obligations when selling.

Paying sales tax is an easy task for ecommerce sellers to put off. But like any other tax obligation, the responsibility of reporting and remitting sales tax never goes away. If your ecommerce business has fallen behind in paying sales tax on transactions, take heart. You can catch up and maybe even reduce your interest and penalties if you make the first move and beat state regulators to the punch.

In our webinar “Catch Up, Don’t Give Up,” guest speaker Scott Letourneau walks you through the steps to start catching up on your sales tax obligations. Scott is the CEO of Sales Tax Systema Taxify partner and expert in setting small businesses up to succeed.  

Now that states are realizing they can capture lost revenue in the form of unreported sales tax, they are all over it! This “tax gap” is an opportunity for states to increase their tax revenue by collecting back sales tax.  Electronic filing makes collection easier than ever before for the 45 states that do collect.

If you missed the webinar, watch the on-demand replay. Here are a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • Why, as an Amazon FBA seller, you must collect and remit sales tax beyond your home state.
  • How to determine how much in sales tax, interest and penalties you owe.
  • Whether you should obtain a sales tax permit or start with voluntary compliance.
  • How to remit sales tax moving forward.

Scott also discusses how to move forward with confidence to keep your business growing.  Sales Tax System has helped thousands of businesses set up their entities correctly and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, like sales tax.

Remember, even if you have never collected and remitted sales tax, it’s not too late. Get caught up and stay ahead. Scott and Sales Tax System, along with our team at Taxify, are here to help.

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