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Your Guide to Registering for a Sales Tax Permit in Texas


Your Guide to Registering for a Sales Tax Permit in Texas

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Before getting started registering with the Texas system, it is important to know that your business contact information will be given to telemarketers. This is a bummer, but the Comptroller’s office is required by law to provide this as public information. (Confidential information is never disclosed!) These unsolicited calls usually subside after about two weeks, so they’ll pass quickly.

TexasAs for the sales and use permit, it’s an easy application process, though processing times can be slow. Below you’ll find all the information you need in case you have nexus in Texas. (We love saying that.)

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1) Do I have to pay sales tax in Texas?
If you have nexus in Texas then you’ll need to pay sales tax. What is nexus you ask? Having nexus means you have enough business presence there to be required to pay tax on sales from that state. Have more questions about nexus or whether or not you owe sales tax? Check out this guide!

2) Do I need a sales tax permit in Texas?

  • If you (individual, corporation, firm, partnership, etc.) are engaged in business in Texas and you:
    • Sell or lease tangible personal property (personal property that can be seen, weighed, measured, felt, or touched) in Texas
    • Sell taxable services in Texas
    • FBA sellers: You have nexus if you have goods in a Texas warehouse, and as a result, you need a permit.

3) How can I make this as painless as possible?

Have the following information ready:

  • Sole owner’s Social Security Number (SSN),
  • Partnership Social Security Numbers or Federal Employers Identification Numbers (FEIN),
  • Texas corporation’s file number from the Texas Secretary of State,
  • All corporations’ social security numbers for each officer or director, and
  • North American Industrial Classification System code.

4) How do I register for this permit?


  • Use printed form
    • Send it by mail to:
      Comptroller of Public Accounts
      111 E. 17th St.
      Austin, TX 78774-0100
    • Submit in person at the field office

Confused? Check out these instruction prompts.

5) How much does this permit cost?
Nope, there is no fee for the permit. However, based on the provided application information, you may be required to post a security bond.

6) When will I receive the permit?

  • For online registration, it can take 2-3 weeks to receive the permit.
  • For mail registration, it can take 4 weeks to receive the permit.

7) When will I need to renew?
No renewal required in Texas. (Whoop, whoop!) However, you are still required to inform the Comptroller’s office if your business address or mailing address changes.

For more information check out this Texas Tax Rules and Regulations resource.


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