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Your Guide to Registering for a Sales Tax Permit in Georgia


Your Guide to Registering for a Sales Tax Permit in Georgia

For eCommerce businesses, it’s hard to keep up with taxes and regulations as your reach expands into new territories. We’re here to ease your troubles by providing you with the state information you need. If you’ve started or are looking to start selling in Georgia, you might just need a sales tax permit, and here is how you do it.

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  1. Do I have to pay sales tax permit in Georgia?
    • You are required to pay sales tax in Georgia if you have nexus. Having nexus means you GAhave enough business presence in a state to be obligated to pay tax on sales from that state. Do you still have questions about whether or not you owe sales tax? Check out this guide!
  2. Do I need a sales tax permit in Georgia?
    • All business, whether the sales are online, out of state, wholesale, or tax exempt, will need a permit.
    • FBA sellers: If you have goods in a Georgia warehouse, you have nexus, and best practices are to get a permit.
    • Georgia imposes taxes on:
      • The complete sale price (product price + shipping) of tangible items.
      • Some services like accommodations, in-state transportation (limos, taxis, etc.), admission charges, and participation in games and amusement activities.
    • For more information visit the Georgia Department of Revenue.
  3. What information should I gather beforehand?
    • Social Security Number (SSN), or Federal Employer ID Number (FEIN),
    • Business address,
    • Business type,
    • Dates for when you’ll begin selling in Georgia,
    • Contact information of Business Officer(s),
    • Tax types you will be registering for (sales and use, payroll withholding, alcohol, tobacco, motors fuel distributor, etc.), and
    • A sweet playlist.
  4. How do I register?
    • Register online at Georgia Tax Center.
      • Go to the Business tab and select the link “Register a new GA business” and follow the prompts.
      • Fortunately, GTC is a great, user-friendly platform, but in the case that you do find yourself lost or confused there are some helpful instructional videos to help you out!
  5. How much does the permit cost?
    • It’s free – wahoo! No payment is necessary for the tax permit, however, there could be fees associated with other licenses such as alcohol, tobacco, motor fuel, etc.
  6. How long will it take to receive the permit?
    • New account information is processed and completed 15 minutes after you register – so fast! You will receive a confirmation email with your account information and a copy with be snail-mailed to you within 5 days.
  7. When will I need to renew?
    • There is no renewal required as long as the business exists with no change in ownership or structure.

For more information check out Georgia Sales Tax Rules and Regulations.

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