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Webinar | New Year’s Resolutions for your eCommerce Business



We were thrilled to have James Thomson, President of the PROSPER Show for Amazon Sellers, join us on January 28, 2016 for a webinar on how to get your business in order for 2016. James reviewed how to:

  • Improve how you measure the performance of your business. Knowing what metrics are significant for a business is an ever-changing challenge. James reviewed the best measurables available to track your eCommerce business success, and some best practices for doing so.
  • Organize your financial and compliance practices. It’s essential to know what risks are relevant to your business. This webinar covered the most common financial risks for Amazon sellers, and some precautions to take to protect your future.
  • Automate tricky, time consuming tasks. There’s an incredible amount of tools at your fingertips. James reviewed the top technology solutions available, and how they can help you transform your business practice.


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