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Taxify Brings Effortless Sales Tax Compliance to WooCommerce



At Taxify, we love making sales tax easier for our clients. We know that means integrating with the products you already use and love. Because of this, we are excited to announce we now integrate with WooCommerce! (In case you didn’t know, WooCommerce was created by WooThemes, now part of Automattic, as a shopping cart plugin to integrate into your WordPress website for seamless business transactions.)

Why is this so awesome?

Now, your WooCommerce store can have seamless transactions, complete with effortless sales tax compliance through the Taxify plugin. Gone are the days of wasting time with tax rates, risking profits for what you think you owe, and crossing your fingers for accuracy. With Taxify, we handle it for you with this simple plugin, giving you access to our tax content in more than 14,000 jurisdictions, right to your WooCommerce store

The latest shopping cart integration is one of our best. Install the plugin to your site, add the API code that references your Taxify account, and let Taxify do the rest. The plugin will automatically charge sales tax in the states where you need to collect using rooftop-level sales tax content, ensuring accurate rates are always collected. Since the plugin is working directly with the WooCommerce plugin, all transactions will be available in real-time with no second steps needed for filing and remittance. Pretty sweet, right?

You didn’t get into business to worry about sales tax, but we sure did. Let Taxify make your process simple, accurate, and efficient. We’ll focus on your taxes, so you can focus on the rest of your business.

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