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How to File Sales Tax in New Mexico


File sales tax in New Mexico
How to Register: There are two ways to obtain a New Mexico CRS identification number. You may fill out and submit the Application for Business Tax Identification Number (ACD-31015) via mail. You can also obtain a CRS identification number online.

Registration Cost: No fee.

Filing Requirements: A business with an average total tax liability of over $200 per month for any combination of taxes shown on the CRS-1 Form must report monthly. Businesses with a lower annual average than $200 monthly in combined taxes may elect to report monthly, quarterly or semiannually.

All taxpayers who file CRS-1 Forms on a monthly basis and who have an average tax liability of $1000 or more are required to electronically file. Once you are required to file electronically, you must continue to do so unless you receive an exception.

Due Date: Returns and payments are due on 25th of the month following the end of period.

Where to File: Taxpayer Access Point

What Will You Need: The CRS-1 Filer’s Kit, mailed twice a year, is the main source of information about reporting and paying gross receipts tax. Six CRS-1 Forms and one CRS-1 Long Form are included in the kit with instructions on how and when to file and how to calculate penalty and interest. You receive a CRS-1 Filer’s Kit shortly after you register with the Department, or you may request a kit at any local tax office or through the mail at no charge. Photocopy the CRS-1 Forms as often as needed or obtain them online.

If you are required to file monthly, then returns must be submitted via New Mexico’s Taxpayer Access Point. In order to do so, create a primary TAP account under your business name by clicking the Sign up now link on the TAP login page.

Renewal: Not Required.

Additional Information: New Mexico Sales Tax Rules and Regulations

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